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Africa is considered the last frontier - a rapidly growing region with substantial growth prospects and business opportunities. It is the continent where innovative technologies will solve many of the infrastructural challenges Africa is currently facing and where we will observe disruptive transformation taking place in the next decades.


African entrepreneurs are driving that movement with vision and courage but they face significant challenges in their journey, their most scarce resources being financial and human capital.

The international community of investors on the other side is slowly starting to realise that it can play an important role in that transformation by leveraging its expertise and capital to capture this opportunity.


How we think


Our business is connecting people and ideas. We advise visionary African entrepreneurs who are building the future of Africa and pair them with international investors to accelerate the growth of the continent and provide access to attractive investment opportunities


We want to be trusted advisors for entrepreneurs and be the connecting link to the international investors community.


We want to mobilize innovators across the continent to release untapped potential in Africa and contribute to its economic growth and development.


- We believe in Africa

- We believe in independence 

- We believe in maximising long-term success 

- We believe in the power of partnerships



We are an independent multi-family office, serving established and emerging

African entrepreneurs and top executives. We provide our clients with expertise, advice and access to networks, being their trusted advisor for both their business and private matters. 

Located in Zurich, Switzerland and with offices in Geneva, our global network of world-class partners and specialists enables us to be at the forefront of the latest business opportunities and developments.


African Entrepreneurs

Africa is a very dynamic business environment for entrepreneurs. We specialise in providing creative solutions to help entrepreneurs manage both their private and business matters, in areas such as wealth planning, wealth management and corporate finance.   


International Investors

Africa is becoming an increasingly important destination for international capital and we partner with investors who recognise the significant opportunities that the continent offers. 



African Entrepreneurs

We know that entrepreneurs by nature are busy building their next business venture and can sometimes overlook managing what they have already created, which often leads to taking significant uncalculated risks.


We work alongside entrepreneurs as trusted advisors, to help them address some of the key personal and business challenges they face, such as:

- Will my family be protected and can my business continue if something happens to me? 

- How will my family be affected if something disruptive happened to my country or my business?

- How can I strategically grow my business and get access to the international capital markets?

- Do I have the right succession planning structure in place for the transmission of my wealth?

- Do I have the right banking partners, asset managers and trustees, and am I paying the correct


We deliver personalised creative solutions and advice. We work with clients to analyse their current situation, and help them to define, implement and monitor a sustainable and effective plan.

International Investors

We recognise that investors wanting to get exposure to the continent need to take a long-term perspective and be guided in that journey. We work with investors to define and develop their strategy as well as assess and mitigate any potential challenges and risks. Our hands-on approach helps them to build their portfolio and ensure on-going monitoring to track progress and success.


We believe in the power of partnerships. As part of our vision, we will connect those entrepreneurs and investors who believe in Africa by creating a community of like-minded individuals with the goal of exchanging ideas, knowledge, experience and business opportunities in a private and trusted environment.

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